About Us

About Us

Keeping in mind to serve top brands in the market, our organization Philomath Research was established. We take pride in serving thousands of local and international clients with providing accurate insights and giving an idea of the current market.

Philomath Research is headquartered in New Delhi, with global offices in New York and London. We have an expansive service area including countries from South America, Europe and Africa. We provide qualitative and quantitative market survey techniques to our clients who have a dream to make it big. Some of the services which we provide are enlisted below:

  • ● B2B Surveys
  • ● In Depth Interviews
  • ● Focus Groups
  • ● Central Location Testing
  • ● CATI Surveys
  • ● Online Surveys
  • ● Consumer Surveys
  • ● Medical Survey Panel

We have a large team of market research analysts and professionals who are hard working and always ready to help you. We collect data through various sources keeping in mind the privacy and security of the information from the respondents. The data gathered by us are very much authentic and is capable of providing fruitful insights which would help you in your future marketing ventures.

With the most secure and diverse database, we have got market research solution for everyone. We aim to give our best each time to the clients, as their time and resource is valuable to us. For B2B and B2C panel research, you can contact us without any hesitation.

Our aim is to provide a once in a lifetime experience of market research survey to our clients. We would like to see ourselves as one of the leading market research companies in India in near future, and to expand our service to different countries as well. No matter what business you are part of, you can always contact us for getting diverse market statistics and facts in order to enrich your service.