Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing For Quality Data Survey

Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing or CAPI is a simple method or idea, instead of gathering data on paper questionnaires; interviewers or the data collectors use portable computers in order to enter data directly through a keyboard.

The term computer-assisted interviewing was earlier used for telephone surveys, however, it is only from the last five years that this term has begun face-to-face interviews.

CAPI for large scale surveys

Earlier CAPI was used in this country to collect large scale applicants and continuous surveys for the commercial and the government sector. For example, in the public sector, the Office of Population Censuses and Surveys or OPCS has converted to CAPI for the Labour Force Survey in order to take interviews with 25,000 households in a calendar year. And, then the Family Resources Survey has used CAPI for its outset in the year 1992.

In the commercial sector, British Telecom’s annual customer satisfaction survey, which has been increasing its vast use of CAPI since it started in the year 1990? However, the National Readership Survey is also based on CAPI.

Quality of data

If you want to enhance your quality of survey online, then you must get Survey Programming from Top Market Research Company so that you can also resolve your problems and make your presence on the Internet impressive.

  • CAPI resolves routine problems, which are in your questionnaire.
  • Interviewers cannot ask candidates a wrong question or misuse it.
  • The questions are personalized correctly
  • Mathematical calculations can be resolved within the program
  • Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing also checks for inconsistent or inadmissible responses on the computer
  • It also eliminates errors from the data entry

The way CAPI handles all the issues, especially routing is one of the most impressive features. So, improve your quality of data by having CAPI services from Top Market Research Company.

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