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Computer Assisted Personal Interviews or CAPI is a process of face-to-face data collection method in which the interviewers use a mobile phone, tablet, or a computer to record answers given during the interview.

However, what are the advantages of CAPI, you will get to know and how it fits in your program. Meanwhile, approaching Top Market Research Company will help you get the best Computer Assisted Survey Research.

Advantages of CAPI

  • This process of taking CAPI helps you facilitates logic checks, validations, and skips patterns during the interview. This makes the survey more helpful with high-quality data. It even helps you save later efforts on data cleaning.
  • CAPI is a wonderful tool to monitor enumerators. It saves your time through its GPS location, data collection, and easy supervisors.
  • It offers you a strong connection to Wi-Fi. It collects surveys immediately and uploads them, and this allows the research team to run a very high-frequency check.

Disadvantages of CAPI

  • CAPI may be difficult to know if the crime-ridden area is conducted. And, as compared to phones or tablets, they are far easy to target thieves. In these cases, you need to do CAFÉ or PAPI surveys.
  • It works on electricity or data connectivity, which may not useful in some remote parts of the globe. If CAPI data gets interrupted before it’s uploaded to a server, then it will be lost forever.
  • However, CAPI may also not work offline and this can create problems for battery backup without electricity or data connectivity.

So, in order to get the professional Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing, you need to get topmost services from the house of Top Market Research Company. It offers you an affordable, reliable, high-quality research report so that you can grow in your field without any huddle.

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