Why Panel Research Services Are Important for Your Business

With Panel Research Services, we at Philomath Research are ready to deliver quality and balanced responses of panel members so that you can save the long-serving customers or client’s services.  The standard of the online B2B Panel and B2C Panel can make sure that the standard of business of your clients is improved and with the highest return on Investment.

Geo Tagging support

To maintain the standard of the panel, we have a tendency to use online Geo tagging supported by the IP address of the respondent. Participants with dishonest IP addresses are expelled from the panel. All our panel members are double opt-in members. We also have a tendency to a provision for lure queries and logic checks throughout the course of the survey so as to examine the concentration of the panel members.

Quality and online Panel Management

  • Actively managed by an infatuated panel management team
  • Real-time incentives to survey respondents
  • Compliance with ICC/ESOMAR International Code of selling and Social Practices and marketing research Society of India
  • Strict, current internal control practices to spot and take away questionable unhealthy information
  • Duplicate email & username checks upon registration of your data
  • Mobile number check upon registration and saved with confidentiality
  • Security code (Captcha) at registration to forestall fraudulent/ machine-driven registration to the panel
  • Conduct ‘trap’ surveys to identify dishonest respondents

Panel survey for B2B and B2C Clients

With our transparent Online Market Research Panel, you will achieve the best data of your potential customers and then, you can target them for sales. However, we at Philomath Research offer you different survey panels so that you can meet your needs. We are compliant with data protection, and you will not face any privacy issues.

So, don’t run on a rat race. Come out from that with smart survey research services.